Story Matters


We are storytelling beings – from the beginning of time, we have been defined by the myths, fables and tales that make us human. 

As a young girl growing up across continents, the image of a super-girl as an archetype made an indelible impression on me.

Equity Project for All was founded on the principle that stories have the power to transform — people, organizations, nations and our planet.

We believe that corporations can change the world through global inclusive leadership

We believe that employees yearn for purpose and will work relentlessly to achieve it

We believe that customers seek brands that stand for something and will be loyal even in tough times

We believe that profit and purpose are not opposites but can be achieved side by side

We believe we can create the Age of Equity — value, fairness, consistency and inclusion — for all

Join us on this incredible journey to unlock the imaginative power inside of us, to create a new tomorrow and to challenge the roadblocks that impair us on the road to true Equity – a place where everyone has a voice to speak their truth and confidently go forth to achieve their purpose.

This is the Equity Project For All.

Raquelle M. Zuzarte - Founder


Equity in Action